miércoles, 16 de diciembre de 2015


We have to think on activities that help us to complete our training. Furthermore, challenges that show our knowledge in using ICT as a resource for learning, but also anticipate our work as future teachers. The tutorials are a great tool in the learning process. Besides, apart from being a great tool for sharing. It is a really important feature in today's society.
What's more, it is a value we give to encourage and promote among students, because in this way we can access knowledge and information, overcoming all troubles. Therefore, and to serve as a precedent, here is my video tutorial, with perhaps some mistakes but it aims to help and contribute to my training improvement. I used one of the tools I discovered thanks to my teacher Julio, JING. It is a very simple but with great potential tool. Here you have the link so you can see it, I hope you like it:

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