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Hot potatoes includes six applications: These applications enable you to create interactive:
  • Multiple choice
  • Short-answer
  • Jumbled sentences
  • Crosswords
  • Matching and ordering
  • Gap-fill exercises.
They can be uploaded to the World Wide Web.
Hot potatoes is freeware, and you may use it for any purpose or project.

  • Jmatch: matching and ordering.
  • Jcross: crossword
  • Jmix: jumbed sentences
  • Jcloze: fill in the gaps
  • Jquiz: multiple choice, true or false, text entry or short answer.

Hot Potatoes suite: THE MASHER

The masher is a tool for automatically compiling hot potatoes exercises into units.
Imagine you have five hot potatoes exercises that form a single unit materials and you want to build HTML from all the exercises, with the same colours and appearance settings; you also want to link the exercise together using the navigation buttons, and create an index file for the unit. The masher will do it for you.

Files designed with HP should be saved in two different formats:
HP FILE (extensions: jmt, jms, jqz, jcl, jcw)
HTML FILE (to be used with any web browser)

A Jmix activity produces a jumbled word or sentence activity.
Letters of a single word may be jumbled, or the words of a sentence.
Jmix uses the standard and drag-and-drop types of output files should be saved in towo different formats.

Jquiz can create four different types of questions:
Multiple choice
hybrid (a short-answer question that turns into a multiple choice questions after several attempts), and
multi-select (in which the learner has to choose several of a set of options, then check the choices).

The Jmatch program creates matching or ordering exercises.
A list of fixed items appears on the left (These can be pictures or text), with jumbled items on the right.
This can be used for matching vocabulary to picture or translations or for ordering sentencesto form a sequence or a conversation.

The learner choose an answer by clicking on a button.
If the answer is correct, the button caption will change to a smily face :-) and if it is wrong, it will change to an x.
In either case, the student will see the feedback specific to that answer, explaining why it is right or wong (assuming you write the feedback when you make the exercise!).
If the answer is wrong, the learner can continue choosing answer until a correct answer is selected.
Once a correct answer is chosen, the scaring is “frozen”, but the learner can still click on buttons to see the feedback for other answers without penalty.

Jcloze program creates gap-fill exercises.
Unlimited correct answers can e specified for each gap, and the student can ask for a hint and see the letter of the correct answer.
A specific clue can also be included for each gap.
Automatic scoring is also included. The program allowa gapping of selected words, or automatic gapping of every new word in a text.


Files should be saved in the same folder.
HP does not include software for the edition of images, sound or video.
Suggested software: Gimp, Youtube editor, Audacity,...
Use long names, without spaces.
Browsers read spaces as : 20%

There may be naigation errors. Reading_in_English …..Reading in English.

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